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We are Lume & Dacey!

Lume & Dacey is a family-owned business based in the Midwest that have dreams of conquering the world. The company name was derived from names of four children who were the inspiration of this venture. After lots of research, sweat, time (mostly after the kids were asleep) and dedication, this company has now come to fruition. This is the legacy that we want to leave to our children so you can count on us to be our best as we serve you. 

God be praised!

Waveland Paws

Our pets deserve our love, attention and premium-quality products that is worthy of your pet's personality as well as your standards.


Kulilit Kids

Our children's brand will give you comfort knowing you are providing them with high quality goods.

Coming Soon!

Wear Inspired

This company started as an inspiration so we wanted to wear it, literally. Be inspired by our designs for shirts, hats and the likes.